Try to eat Variations of silken tofu to reduce summer heat in Hanoi

Hanoi is the places to visit in vietnam. Welcome to Hanoi, in here have so many delicious food. This dish recalls to slices of white, smooth and thin tofu that are flooded with sugar water with smells of jasmine and grapefruit flowers which help to reduce the summer heat. Com to Hanoi in summer is the  best time to visit vietnam. You can eat Variations of silken tofu.

The image of a vendor with baskets of silken tofu and the street cries “who eat tofu?” become too familiar to Hanoi people. Over many past years, silken tofu is still a favorite food in summer days of ha noi vietnam but it has been varied because of sellers’ creation or customers’ requirement. Today, introduce you some variations of tofu.

Tofu with soya milk

It can be said that this is the first “variation” of tofu and not much different from traditional silken tofu. They are still slices of white and smooth tofu but not watered with sugar, soya milk instead. Succulent taste of milk combined with the coolness of tofu creates a special flavor, which is both strange and familiar.

Most tofu shops have two available choices for customers: tofu with sugar water and tofu with soya milk, depending on taste and favorite of each customer. You are able to enjoy the dish on sidewalks or vendors on Doan Thi Diem street, Quang Trung street, etc.



Tofu with soya milk: cool and succulent

Tofu with café

Another special combination is tofu and café. It is not only a kind of beverage, but the tofu café is also the combination between traditional and modern styles, Eastern and Western styles.

It’s up on customers’ taste, each restaurant increase or decrease the different amount of tofu and café. Some places, a cup of coffee with milk, then added with several slices of tofu. But some it is a normal bowl of tofu added with milk and café, eye-catching decoration; it looks like a cup of cream café in Europe.

The coolness of tofu combined with sweet bitterness of café creates a strange kind of drink. To enjoy the tofu café, you should visit some shops in Quang Trung street, Nguyen Du street, Dao Duy Tu street, etc.


Tofu café is a special drink worth tasting in Hanoi